A 3D Compositional, Hydralic Fracturing Simulator


What is EFRAC?

EFrac is a simulator (with combined fracture, well productivity and wellbore models) for designing and optimizing energized fracturing treatments. Fracture model solves five, partial differental equations that govern pressure, proppant concentration, fluid saturation, temperature and fracture width on a dynamic unstructured mesh.



Motivation behind EFrac

Current practices in energized treatments, using gases such as N2, CO2 and foams, remain rudimentary in comparison to other fracturing fluid technologies. None of the available 3-D fracturing models are able to capture the thermal and compositional effects that are important when using energized fluids.

Unique Capabilities

  • A wellbore model which relates bottom-hole and surface variables (pressure, temperature, proppant concentration and rates).
  • A well productivity model that allows a comparison of different frac fluids and fracture designs.
  • Accurate proppant transport model which considers hindered settling and proppant retardation effects.
  • Thermal and fluid compressibility effects are considered to model compressible fracturing fluids.
  • Multiple layers with different stress and mechanical properties to estimate height growth.

The methodology underlying EFrac is developed by Dr. Lionel Ribeiro, Deepen Gala and Dr. Mukul Sharma.

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