iDOMS oilfield management



Intelligent Digital Oilfield Management System

Industry Issues

Current practices in production management, ramp-up and shut-in operations are based on empiricism and trial-and-error approaches. Well management becomes even more complicated when managing a network of wells. iDOMS is a software tool that allows an operator to maximize total hydrocarbon production to the sales line by properly managing and controlling each well in the field


Our Method

We believe that proper well management necessitates the coupling of surface equipment with wellbore and reservoir models. Our algorithm provides robust dynamic linking of all three components and assists operators in maximizing production and minimizing the risk of completion or wellbore failures.

Unique Capabilities

  • Manages naturally flowing and wells on artificial lift
  • Accounts for well interference through surface facilities and pipeline network.
  • Performs dynamic nodal analysis and synchronous solution of the surface network.
  • Ensures that completion and reservoir constraints are satisfied for all operating wells
  • Properly manages shut-ins and ramp-ups by adjusting choke sizes and artificial lift equipment in adjacent wells.
  • Calibrates reservoir and wellbore parameters by using real-time surface pressure measurements

The methodology underlying iDOMS is developed by Emmanouil Karantinos and Dr. Mukul Sharma.

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Benefits of using iDOMS

  • Maximize Revenue: Maximize production rates while satisfying completion, reservoir and surface equipment constraints.

  • Provide well operators or automated well control systems with operational recommendations.

  • Reduce Costs: Minimize man hours by efficiently cou-pling simulation tools.

  • Minimize the risk of completion failures which may result in costly workovers and down time

  • Identify production bottlenecks.

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