Simulator for Sand Production in Unconsolidated Sands


A 2D/3D, Fully-Coupled Poro-Elasto-Plastic Sand Production Simulator.
SandManager is a PC-based simulator for estimating the onset of sanding and the severity of sand production under different well completions. The software allows users to study the sanding mechanism, and helps to designand optimize sand management through improved well completions and flowback strategies.



Motivation behind SAND MANAGER


Unique Capabilities

  • Model accounts for both mechanical failure (shear/tensile/compressive failure) and fluid flow erosion, helping users to investigate sanding mechanisms in the field.
  • Dynamic cell removal method is implemented, providing a moving boundary condition to accurately represent the real dynamic process of sand removal from the wellbore/perforation face. This method also provides the possibility to study the effect of arch stability on sanding.
  • Dynamic mesh refinement is implemented to capture strain localization.Model allows for both single phase fluid flow(incompressible, slightly compressible, compressiblefluid) and multi-phase fluid flow.
  • Explicit well geometries can be modeled, includingvertical wells, horizontal wells, and deviated wells.
  • Sand production based ondifferent well completions can be estimated. Users are able to check the onset of sanding and the severity of sand production in both open-hole and cased & perforated wells, helping them to design well completions and propose optimal flowback strategies.

SAND MANAGER is developed by Haotian Wang and Dr. Mukul Sharma.

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