Fracture diagnosis by Analysis of Water Hammer Signatures

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Water Hammer Fracture Diagnostics (MS Thesis by Michael A. Carey)

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Water Hammer-Pro

Fracture Diagnostics Using Pressure Data

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What is Water Hammer-Pro?

Water Hammer-Pro is a fracture diagnostic tool for multi-stage hydraulic fracture treatments. Water Hammer-Pro provides an estimate of fracture dimensions by analyzing water hammer signature data that is readily available for any fracture treatment.



Motivation behind Water Hammer

Water Hammer-Pro signature exists in every fracture treatment. Water hammer refers to the pressure fluctuations which occur immediately after shut-in (stoppage of pumps). It is essentially free data as surface pressure and flowrate are always recorded during fracture treatments.

Unique Capabilities

Water Hammer-Pro solves a transient flow problem in a Wellhead-Wellbore-Fracture system, which allows a user to address questions such as: 

  • What are the induced fracture dimensions including length, height, and width? 
  • What are the fracture dimensions when multiple fractures are growing in a stage? 
  • How does the stimulated reservoir volume change in each stage from toe to heel? 
  • How do other fracture diagnostic data compare with water hammer analysis? (Microseismic, long-term production, DTS/DAS, and so on) 
  • How does fracture treatment design impact water hammer signature and predicted fracture dimensions? 
  • How do ISIP, net pressure and near-well pressure drop change over stages?