A Simulator for Water Injection Wells

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What is WID?

WID is a PC-based simulator for designing and optimizing water and waste injection wells. Accurate calculation of injection-induced fracture growth, injectivity, particle filtration and ther-mal stress change forms a standalone tool to design and opti-mize waterflooding operations. WID offers a constant-height and a planar-3D height growth fracture simulation.


Unique Capabilities

WID allows a user to address questions such as:

  • What is the geometry of the injection induced fracture in horizontal and vertical wells?
  • How fast is a fracture growing?
  • How can the reservoir conformance be improved?
  • What filtration specs should be used for injection water?
  • How often will the injection well require a remedial treat-ment to regain injectivity?
  • What is the right balance between injection water treat-ment costs and injection well stimulation costs?


20 Years of Consulting History

For more than 20 years and over 30 projects worldwide, WID has been successfully used to design waterflooding, produced water reinjection, waste disposal wells. With these projects, WID has been proven to be a unique simulator which can han-dle various physics involved in water injection. Successful appli-cations of WID include:

  • Produced water reinjection
  • Injection well fracture growth in 2D or 3D
  • Solid particles or oily water injection
  • Simulation of core flow tests
  • Thermally or hydraulically fractured wells
  • Waterflooding and surface facilities design
  • Performance prediction of vertical / horizontal injectors
  • Water quality requirements
  • Wells/facilities design for deep water subsea intervention
  • Gravel-packed/Cased-perfed/Frac-packed wells

WID is developed by Dr. Jongsoo Hwang, Prateek Bhardwaj and Dr. Mukul Sharma.

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